Heard at Café: 9/16/14

Trust. That's a heavy word. When we start out in this thing we lovingly refer to as life, we trust so easily, don't we? (Most) little kids will trust anyone. They believe everyone wants the best for them. Why don't we? Are we so jaded that we feel that's not a negative way to be; do we feel like no one should be trusted? That being closed off is the smartest way to live. What happens along the way to make us feel like the people around us aren't worth trusting? We've been broken; we've been burned by people. Who do we really trust, if anyone? What about God? Do you trust him? Do you think he's worth trusting? Do you think he even exists? At Cafe, 'tag line' we go back to talks about connecting life and faith. But when we talk about having faith in God, or faith in anyone, what does that look like? Does that relate to trust or belief? This week we talked about a story from a book in the Bible called John. It's about a man who was born blind, and he trusted Jesus to heal him. He didn't know Jesus before, but here's what Jesus did. He spit in the dirt, made some mud, and put it on the blind man's eyes. Then he told him to go wash it off. And the guy was healed. He didn't believe anything about Jesus until later in the story, but he choose to trust this guy who promised him sight. He took the baby step, if you will, to go and wash. Maybe that what God wants from us, for us to be involved with him. To go take the baby steps. To choose to trust. Even when we don't believe. Maybe that's what faith is: choosing to trust. Maybe he doesn't want solid belief, but he wants us to trust him above everything else. What do you trust in more than God? Anything? Everything? Money? Intellect? Logic? Do we trust that God might be bigger than our disbelief, questions, doubts? Could faith be so much bigger than all of that? And if you can choose to trust amidst disbelief and confusion and doubt, maybe that means you can choose faith amidst those things, too.

"Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation." -D. Elton Trueblood