Heard at Café: 9/2/14

Yesterday at Cafe, we talked about 'the means'. What do I mean by that exactly? I mean how you accomplish a task. Do you talk to long road, or do you take the quickest route? We talked about whether we think it's about the journey or about the end goal. At one point the question was posed, if Georgia Tech told you they would hand you your degree now, no strings attached, no more class, no homework... would you take it? In a world of instant everything, it might seem hard to pass up. Do you think there's any advantage to that? Disadvantage? We also talked a bit about Jesus and what he thought about all of this. This one time, Jesus was out in the desert being tempted--being tempted to take the shortcut, the quick way out of his purpose here on earth. But he didn't take it. He took the long road, that led to the cross. We think maybe he took the long road for a reason, because for him it was about something more that finishing the drill. We think maybe he took the long road because he was thinking about you and me, and everybody else. So that's something to ponder this week. What're your opinions on that? Do you agree, disagree, or does that not make any sense? What do you think it looks like to take the long road as a student of Georgia Tech? Is there any beauty in the journey. Just something to think about.

"I've learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while climbing it." -Andy Rooney