Heard at Cafe: 2/24/15

What would it be like to never see with clarity?

Tonight at cafe we talked about how clarity is more than just vision. It can be mental, not understanding what you're studying is lack of clarity. Though our eyes are clear, things still can be foggy. Life choices are hard, we have things we’re wrestling to understand. We all have this in common. The disciples whole life revolved around following Jesus and trying to figure things out, trying to see clearly. They were striving to connect faith with life.

We looked at a story in the book of Mark(chapter 8) about Jesus giving sight to a blind man. Jesus spit in the dirt to make mud, he then too the mud in his hands and rubbed it on the blind man’s eyes. He asked the man what he could see. The man said,“I see people; they look like trees walking around”. So Jesus put his hands on the mans eyes again and he was able to see clearly.

Why did Jesus heal the guy in two steps? Scholars say Jesus intentionally does it in two parts. Maybe so he can make a point to his disciples. Maybe he was saying that being a Christian isn't easy all the time. Jesus served willingly and with love, but it wasn't easy for him. He was making a sacrifice. We must do the same. The point of life is not avoiding difficulty. It's about choosing what's good even though it may not be easy. Choosing things like marathon running, or choosing to have grace after a tough breakup or being hurt by someone; things that are not easy, but they are good. There are also things we can choose like porn, or alcohol, or anger. These things are easy, but they are not good. Things that are good push us beyond ourselves and that's what Jesus wants for us. Not a life that is easy, but a life that is truly good. Getting there means denying yourself, picking up your cross and following Jesus. And when we get there, how worth it, how good, and how spectacular it will be for us and the world around us.